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Wonder Posted by on Nov 20, 2017

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Justice League

Nov 17, 17 Justice League

In Cinemas NOW!


Fuelled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

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DC is cleaning up its past mistakes. This is the filmmakers going away from the gritty modern style established in “Man of Steel” and going back to the classic light feel reminiscent of Rich Donner’s “Superman” from ’78. If you thought “Batman v Superman” was disappointing, then have no fear. Joss Whedon is here to make things more… hopeful… Yeah, that would be word. Hopeful, lighthearted and more like the old classic superhero stories. All the bad decisions made in previous movies are now starting to get undone. And that’s really good. They should have started out this way, but at least they now know what the right direction is. We owe a lot to “Wonder Woman” for that. Too bad the studio told them to not go over two hours with the run-time. Because that’s what ultimately hurt the movie the most. There’s a strange rushed feeling throughout it. Lots of new characters are introduced within a short time and before you notice you are already watching the final fight. That’s the real issue here. It brushes over things quickly and you don’t get much out of it. It’s entertaining but, there’s no weight or a good enough connection to what’s going on. Everything is just decent. But, hey! This is the Justice League! It should be more than just fine… Right? Well, this is what we got. And it could have been way worse. You can watch it and not be too bothered.

I liked the characters. They are all performed well. Flash is the one that I think could have been a little stronger. This is an interpretation of him being awkward and an outcast. He had his moments of being somewhat too weird, but I did laugh at most of it. Aquaman didn’t get enough time, but I’m fine with the direction they went with. It was fun to see the League interact. At times I forgot about the actors and just saw the comic book heroes instead. And that’s a good sign. Still, this movie is messing with me with conflicting thoughts. I liked the characters and many visuals, but the story and overall pacing is rushing instead of being effective. I didn’t feel the important impacts of major scenes. I wish I did. The best fight is actually the one during the beginning bank heist scene. It never got that good again. In the end I’ll say that it isn’t bad. It’s a decent popcorn movie that for once would have benefited having a longer run-time. Just so that we could feel the importance of the Justice League forming for the first time. The good news are that the future of the DCEU might be in good hands now. We’ll see, but I hope so.


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Retro Screening: The Sound of Music

Nov 05, 17 Retro Screening: The Sound of Music

We have 1 double pass for the retro screening of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, 10:30am or 6:30pm, Monday 20 November, at Dendy Cinemas, Portside Warf.

For your chance to win a double pass, answer the question below:

“What is your favourite song in the Sound of Music?”

Put your answer on Twitter, Instagram (with the hashtag #DendyRetro, tagging @reviewbrisbane), Facebook, or below!

One Day Event


Join Dendy Cinemas Portside on Monday, November 20th, for the very special retro screening of The Sound of Music at 10:30 am and again at 6:30 pm.

The happiest sound in all the world!

A tuneful, heartwarming story, it is based on the real-life story of the Von Trapp Family singers, one of the world’s best-known concert groups in the era immediately preceding World War II. Julie Andrews plays the role of Maria, the tomboyish postulant at an Austrian abbey who becomes a governess in the home of a widowed naval captain with seven children and brings a new love of life and music into the home.



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Only The Brave

Nov 03, 17 Only The Brave

We have 10 double passes for the preview screening of ONLY THE BRAVE, 6:30pm, Wednesday 15 November, at New Farm Cinemas.

For your chance to win a double pass, answer the question below:

“What do you wish you were brave enough to do?”

Put your answer on Twitter, Instagram (with the hashtag #OnlyTheBrave, tagging @reviewbrisbane), Facebook, or below!

In Cinemas NOVEMBER 30
But see it first, at the preview screening!


ONLY THE BRAVE, based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, is the heroic story of one unit of local firefighters that, through hope, determination, sacrifice and the drive to protect families, communities and country, become one of the most elite firefighting teams in the country. As most of us run from danger, they run toward it – they watch over lives, homes, everything we hold dear, as they forge a unique brotherhood that comes into focus with one fateful fire.

Thanks to StudioCanal




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Halloween 2017

Oct 27, 17 Halloween 2017

We have 3 double in-season passes for sessions in the HALLOWEEN 2017 MOVIE PROGRAM, October 27 – 31 at Metro Arts!

For your chance to win a double pass, answer the question below:

“What session do you want to go to and why?”

Put your answer on Twitter, Instagram (with the hashtag #Halloween2017, tagging @reviewbrisbane), Facebook, or below!


An eclectic line-up of classic horror movie events at venues around Brisbane
Screening movies such as Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nosferatu, Dracula and more!

“See these classic horror movies with an audience, the way they were meant to be experienced,” Fletcher said.
Kristian Fletcher has presented movie events in Brisbane for over sixteen years and presents a Halloween movie program each October.

Metro Arts, 109 Edward St Brisbane
Four classics of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s back to back!
Bram Stoker’s DRACULA (1992) – screening 5pm
25th Anniversary Screening
The centuries old vampire Count Dracula comes to England to seduce his barrister Jonathan Harker’s fiancée Mina Murray and inflict havoc in the foreign land.
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) – screening 7pm
A group of characters barricade themselves in an old farmhouse in an attempt to remain safe from flesh-eating zombies
TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974) – screening 8.45pm
Two siblings visit their grandfather’s grave in Texas along with three of their friends and are attacked by a family of cannibalistic psychopaths.
BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR (1989) – screening 10.15pm
Doctors Herbert West and Dan Cain discover the secret to creating human life and proceed to create a perfect woman from dead tissue.
Tickets: One movie $12 | Two movies $16 per person | Any three movies $20 + booking fee (18+ event)


ALL HALLOW’S EVE 1980s DOUBLE FEATURE – Tuesday 31 October
Metro Arts, 109 Edward St Brisbane
A double feature of the original 80s cult classics…
THE EVIL DEAD (1981) – screening 5pm & 8.15pm
Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.
FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) – screening 6.30pm
When a teenager learns that his next door neighbour is a vampire, no one will believe him.
Tickets: One movie $12 | Two movies $16 per person + booking fee (18+ event)

Booking Info:

Thanks to Kristian Fletcher Events

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Anything Goes

Oct 25, 17 Anything Goes

We have 1 double pass for the opening night of ANYTHING GOES, 7:30pm, Friday 10 November at Beenleigh Theatre Group, Cnr of Kent & Crete St, Beenleigh

For your chance to win a double pass, answer the question below:

“In what situation do you just say “Anything Goes!”?”

Put your answer on Twitter (with hashtag #AnythingGoes), Facebook, or below!

But see it first at the opening night!


Docking this November at Beenleigh Theatre Group, ‘Anything Goes’ is set to capture the hearts of audiences as it delivers a highly entertaining and well-known hit musical.

Full to the brim with tap dancing, romantic escapades, gangsters and a cheeky dog, there’s plenty for ages. Follow the love triangles and crazy ventures of Reno Sweeney, Billy Crocker, Moonface Martin, Hope Harcourt and many other memorable characters as we set sail across the Atlantic.

Director, Michael Skelton, says the comedic timing of this play is one of its highlights as there is so much action happening on stage and behind the scenes.

‘Anything Goes’ performs 10-25 November, every Friday and Saturday evening at
7:30pm and Sunday matinees at 3:00pm.

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Oct 24, 17 Suburbicon


In Cinemas OCTOBER 26


Suburbicon is a picture-perfect 1950s suburb where the best and worst of humanity is reflected through the deeds of ordinary people. But when a home break-in turns deadly, a family must turn to blackmail, revenge, and betrayal in order to survive.

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I’m a fan of the Coen Brothers – love me some Fargo. So when I heard that George Clooney was directing their next original script, naturally I couldn’t wait to see it. Fast track a year and a half later and here we are. Clooney proved to me that it takes much more than a Coen Bros script to make it a Coen Bros film. Suburbicon is one of the few films that will come about where the talent attached to the project is so overwhelming and plentiful but the final product is so mediocre and bordering on bad that it leaves you scratching your head.

The film is very beautiful to start off. The cinematography is very crisp and extremely colorful which makes the setting of the 50s suburbs seemingly pop even more so. The production design and basically anything of a technical aspect is amazingly done here by traditional standards. So why is Suburbicon falling flat? Very simple: Clooney is woefully unqualified to direct a Coen Bros script as are most people. This feels like it was made by someone who watched Fargo and Burn After Reading a dozen times and decided to make this. It feels like it is an imitation and, by the end of the film, that is all it turns out to be. The cast is even really dull despite a fantastic performance from Julianne Moore. Damon can’t decide whether to play it funny or serious and that really plays a big part in the violence of the film. It is comically set up but brutally executed. It doesn’t feel right at all and it makes for a very tough watch.

Overall, Suburbicon is a film that will probably leave your mind as quickly as it came. It is a very forgettable film. It is a frustrating piece of cinema as well because we will always be left with the thoughts of what could have been. With the level of talent and star power, Suburbicon has no business being as dull and ragged as it is especially because in a technical sense, the film is great. But with Clooney’s misguided direction and Matt Damon’s very erratic performance, Suburbicon is a miss of the most disappointing fashion.


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