Jun 28, 16 Goldstone

We have 10 double passes for the preview screening of  GOLDSTONE, 6:30pm, Tuesday 5 July, at Dendy Portside Cinemas

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Earning recently critical acclaim, at it’s Premiere at the Sydney Film Festival, GOLDSTONE is a bold, intelligent, outback noir from acclaimed Australian filmmaker Ivan Sen.
Indigenous Detective JAY SWAN arrives in the frontier mining town of “Goldstone” on a missing persons enquiry. What seems like a simple “light duties” investigation soon opens into a web of crime and corruption implicating the local Mayor, Mining Boss and Aboriginal Land Council.
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  1. Anne B /

    Sprawling cattle stations and sleeping under the stars!

  2. Genevieve /

    The mystery and the vastness

  3. Karen /

    Review of “Goldstone”
    With gold star actors including Aaron Pedersen, Jackie Weaver, David Wenham and David Gulpilil, I knew we were in for a solid and dramatically excellent movie.
    However, the unspoken star of this movie is the visually spectacular and equalling confronting landscape. Harsh, beautiful, broken, healing, isolated and “in your face”.
    The emotional landscape reflects the physical landscape with broken people in a harsh environment treating others disrespectfully without any thought for consequence. (Think of our disrespect for our environment). Consequent loss of trust, disillusionment and degradation of those to whom they come into contact is the outcome with the central character of Detective Jay Swan, played with great restraint, pain and brokenness by Aaron Pedersen, entering an environment where cynicism and disappointment seem to trump whatever good that is left in those to whom he comes into contact.
    A young, impressionable and almost irredeemable local police officer, played ably by Alex Russell, is the person to whom Detective Jay needs to report to. This uneasy and, at times, fractious relationship challenges the young police officer and faces him with the reality of his own compromises and lack of conviction about truth and confronting insidious manipulation from the town Mayor, played with benign maliciousness by Jackie Weaver.
    Concluding with a “coming home” to self, “country” and the consequences of the choices and actions of the characters, this movie challenges us to examine closely our interactions, not only with those whom we share our life with, but also the land, where our actions and choices have longstanding and possibly irreversible consequences. We do have the power within ourselves to make this world a better place. The choice is up to us.

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