May 25, 18 Kodachrome

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“What is the subject of your favourite photo?”

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In Cinemas JUNE 7


Music executive Matt (Jason Sudeikis) has been long estranged from his famous and philandering photographer father Ben (Ed Harris) when he is contacted by nurse Zooey (Olsen). Now dying, Ben wants Matt to drive him cross country to the last place in the world that still develops Kodachrome film –but only for another few weeks. Hauling half a lifetime of baggage and resentment, Matt hits the road with Ben and Zooey but the time is running out to develop the Kodachrome film, and on Ben himself.

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  1. Esther Richard /

    My grandson is my favourite subject in photos especially since he went to live in UK 😕

  2. Luke Venables /

    My son. It is a picture my wife took of him walking home.

  3. Anne B /

    @eggsbennythedog is the subject of my photos every day!
    Golden goodness!

  4. Gina /

    View from behind a window / door or frame so that the frame is captured

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