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Sep 28, 15 Miss You Already

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For your chance to win a prize, simply answer the following question…

“What is the key to being the best best-friend?”

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Screening from 8 October 2015


Starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette, Miss You Already tells the story of Jess and Milly, life-long best friends who have shared everything since childhood. Now, Milly has a high-flying job, a rock-star husband and two gorgeous children. Jess has dedicated herself to environmental work, and lives with her boyfriend in a bohemian houseboat on the London canals. The best friends are as close as ever. But their relationship is put to the test when Milly discovers she has breast cancer, while Jess faces motherhood for the first time.

Featuring a picturesque London setting and terrific chemistry between Barrymore and Collette, Miss You Already is a heartwarming film about the true meaning of friendship. When life falls apart, friends keep it together.

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  1. “What is the key to being the best best-friend?”
    The answer is simply to “be”…
    Be there.
    Be honest.
    Be kind.
    Be open.
    Be supportive.
    Be available.
    Be forgiving.
    Be open-minded.

  2. Genevieve /

    Being a best friend means appreciating someone for their virtues and supporting them through all life’s changes.

  3. jenni stafford /

    listening and not judging

  4. Being able to pick up the phone even if it has been a while and say “how are you”:)

  5. Lynette /

    The key to being a best best-friend means –

    If they’re having a terrible day, just take time out to listen. If they are ill or going through a rough patch, help them out a little and understand. Support them through whatever journey they may be taking – good or bad. Best-friendship is the most important relationship one will have throughout their lifetime.

  6. Harry Varvaressos /

    the key to being a best friend is being the designated driver 🙂

  7. Jane Garratt /

    Being best, best friends means no matter how long it has been since you’ve seen each other, you pick up where you left off.

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