Small Town Killers

Aug 21, 17 Small Town Killers

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In Cinemas AUGUST 31


Danish comedy SMALL TOWN KILLERS, releasing on 31st August, follows two craftsmen who are tired of their lifeless and sexless marriages. After a fight with their other halves, they drunkenly hire a Russian hitman to kill their wives, planning to live it up afterwards with their secret stash of cash. They badly underestimate their spouses (as husbands often do), and end up being chased by the hired killer themselves.

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  1. Vickie /

    I underestimated my oldest son recently. Thinking he didn’t fully understand a situation I was in, he ended coming through with a lot more knowledge and support than I could ever have wished for. He’s 16 years old and thankfully growing into a fine young man. Sometimes we just need to give people a chance to let themselves shine.

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