Swinging Safari

Jan 05, 18 Swinging Safari

I have 5 double in-season passes for any screening of SWINGING SAFARI!

For your chance to win a double pass, answer the question below:

“What do you think was the best part of the 1970s?”

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In Cinemas JANUARY 18
But see it first, at the preview screening!


1970s Australia: A 200-ton blue whale washes up on a local beach and the kids think it’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened in their lives.  Behind closed doors, the Mums and Dads of a quiet suburban cul-de-sac celebrate in their own special way, by joining the sexual revolution.  It’s a time of boxed wine, bad hair, bad styles, bad choices, but good times. And like the rotting whale, it’s all about to go spectacularly wrong.

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  1. Stephen Scott /

    The birth of the blockbuster thanks to Spielberg and Lucas. Most notably…
    Star Wars!
    Star Wars!
    Star Wars!
    Star Wars!
    Star Wars!
    Star Wars!
    Star Wars!

  2. ’70s music! – Abba, The Carpenters & the fashion – flares, platform shoes! LOL!

  3. Jamie /


  4. Countdown! Every Sunday night

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