Terminator : Dark Fate

Oct 28, 19 Terminator : Dark Fate

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In Cinemas OCTOBER 31


Returning to the original premise of the first two TERMINATOR films, where an unstoppable killing machine relentlessly pursues an unsuspecting human target in our contemporary world, TERMINATOR DARK FATE picks up where T2 left off. With the return of the franchise creator James Cameron and its two iconic stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, this ultimate big screen spectacle features new characters, intense action and cutting-edge special visual effects – all from the visionary director of DEADPOOL, Tim Miller.

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Terminator: Dark Fate was not a film I went into with any expectations for. I might have been disappointed (I was fully braced for that, in fact), I hoped to be entertained. I certainly did not expect it to match either of the first two terminator films, if it was better than the remaining T films, that would be nice.

At first it follows very much T2’s blueprint, but that’s no bad thing. The Terminator films work best as a game of cat and mouse, and there is real thill in the Dark Fate’s chase. The new model machines and their subsidiaries are nice additions, I particularly enjoyed the “Rev-9” future killer. The “enhanced” human was a nice idea, and did add something to the film, but as yet I haven’t decided quite what.

Dark Fate’s MA15 certificate definitely was a good decision- and I’m not just being a gore hound here- it helps add to the fear and believability. Dark Fate is nasty in places and it not feeling sanitised like the last three films helped me buy into the fear more than if it was the same film but cleaned up. The action escalates to the point of ridiculousness, but I was able to suspend belief. Also although there clearly are lots (hundreds) of effects shots the CGI is very convincing.

Some critics have moaned about ham fisted efforts for cultural relevance, having T1 & T2 on too high on a pedestal that no movie could ever compare, and efforts to insert the Holy Grail of a “strong female character” (or three). Frankly none of that stuff crossed my mind, I was in the cinema to watch death, destruction, and explosions as humans run from futuristic robot killers. That should be what you go to see Dark Fate for, too, or you’ll be disappointed.

Overall a welcome return to the series, some new ideas and clever twists, as well as a few very obvious ones. Somewhere nearer to T2 than the last three Terminator films, Dark Fate was never going to break any ground, but it does cover plenty of it pleasingly. I was entertained the whole way through. Perfect popcorn cinema.


  1. Craig Robertson /

    Fate questions how much control we have over our own life’s. There are certain predetermined factors and outcomes that play a role but mostly, we can control how the future plays out. Mostly we all need to chill out and stop being dickwads.

  2. Sergeja Bosanac /

    Yes I believe in fate. My feeling everything in this world is predetermined.

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