The Interview

Feb 03, 15 The Interview

We have 10 double passes for the preview screening of THE INTERVIEW, 6:30pm, Monday 9 February, at Hoyts Cinemas Stafford, City.

For your chance to win a double pass answer the following question:

“Who would you like to interview?”

Put your answer on Twitter (with hashtag #TheInterview), Facebook, or below!

But see it first at this preview screening!


Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapport (Seth Rogen) run the popular celebrity tabloid TV show “Skylark Tonight”. When they discover Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimise themselves as journalists. As Dave and Aaron prepare to travel to Pyongyang, their plans change when the CIA recruits them, perhaps the two least qualified men imaginable, to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

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  1. Graham Norton

  2. I would interview Jim Henson. That dude was awesome.

  3. After watching ‘Unbroken’, I would love to interview Angelina Jolie.

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