Feb 08, 16 Trumbo

We have 10 double in-season passes for TRUMBO

For your chance to win a double pass answer the following question:

“To what length will you go to in order to stand up for your beliefs?”

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In this fascinating true story, Oscar nominated actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) portrays Dalton Trumbo, the successful Hollywood screenwriter who was blacklisted in 1947 by the studios under the direction of the infamous House Committee on Un-American Activities. Holding strong to a belief in free speech and refusing to name “suspicious” friends, Trumbo was vilified in the communist witch-hunt that took place in America at the height of the Cold War. He was exiled professionally, sentenced to a year in prison for Contempt of Congress, and drawn into battle with the absurd Red-hating gossip columnist Hedda Hooper (Helen Mirren). With an irrepressible creative talent, Trumbo would find his way back into Hollywood, writing several scripts under pseudonyms during his exile, including Roman Holiday, and winning two Academy Awards under alias.

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  1. Would be willing to make some enemies along the way for my beliefs!

  2. I’ve cut out people, who were so-called ‘friends’, who weren’t really my true friends, at all.

  3. Joanne /

    Would be willing to see things through even though even if not everyone believed in me

  4. I would go to the absolute best of my ability at that time, with all the resources I possess.

  5. I would go to extreme lengths .I would lose a limb to prove and stand up to my belief.

  6. Harry Varvaressos /

    I make an effort to stand up for my beliefs. But I think it’s important to not antagonise others who don’t agree with you and try to get along, despite differences in beliefs.

  7. Luke /

    I would be willing to go to whatever lengths my wife would let me.

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