I, Tonya

Jan 30, 18 I, Tonya



Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises amongst the ranks at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, but her future in the activity is thrown into doubt when her ex-husband intervenes.

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The trailer for this film did its job and wow did this film not disappoint on what was pitched in those trailers. I personally did not know the whole story in-depth of Tonya Harding primarily because I was only young when “the incident” happened -however after watching this I am intrigued with her story, even if its from many unreliable view points.

Firstly the directing in this film is fantastic from start to finish, Craig Gillespie has done a brilliant job with this film there is not a fault with it. He has managed to capture the high intensity of the skating scenes which a brilliantly shot to the much more slow paced character moments. Neither type of scene seems out of place, rushed or to slow. He as a director is definitely on my radar!

The Cast is brilliant all around however I’m going to focus on the three main players of the film. Firstly Margot Robbie, who is time and again proving that she is a fantastic young actress and will go on to do great things in the future. Her performance is fantastic, its so good that you very quickly get over the fact that its her and you accept that its actually Tonya there. She embodies the character extremely well and leaves and ever last impression, you feel almost sympathy to her as if she is actually the victim? It is her best work to date. Next Allison Janney, now this actress does not get enough big roles for me, she is extremely underrated and deserves much more praise then she get. This is her best performance that I’ve seen, even though she is playing and extremely horrible person. Coupled together with the dialogue and the ridiculous outfits, that are perfect, she is a shining light in the film and 100% deserves some type of award absolutely brilliant. Lastly is Sebastian Stan who is again brilliant and even though he portrays a man that does terrible things, you again feel a strange sympathy towards him because he didn’t mean it to happen, well he says he didn’t but we should take that with a pinch of salt. Stan is fantastic!

Overall I wasn’t expecting much from this film even though the trailers looked promising, I was blown away by this film it is extremely good and it has a great re-watachability to it. This film is very good, extremely funny at times but does a serious side to it at times and so it should. With all the awards talk, it’s definitely worth checking out to see for yourself!

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