Lord of the Flies

Jan 08, 18 Lord of the Flies

I have 1 double pass for the opening night of LORD OF THE FLIES, 7:30pm, Friday 19 January at Beenleigh Theatre Group, Cnr of Kent & Crete St, Beenleigh

For your chance to win a double pass, answer the question below:

“What three things would you want with you on an uninhabited island?”

Put your answer on Twitter (with hashtag #LordOfTheFlies), Facebook, or below!

But see it first at the opening night!


A tale of endurance, masculinity and mateship, ‘Lord of the Flies’ is set to pack a punch as it crash lands into Beenleigh this January. Starting the New Year with a bang, this production will explode onto stage, thrilling audiences like never before.

True to William Golding’s classic novel that has left an undeniable impact, ‘Lord of the Flies’ has been adapted for stage by Nigel Williams, ready for new spectators. When a group of schoolboys survive a catastrophic plane crash, they find themselves deserted on an uninhabited island without adult supervision. As the group struggles to take control, leaders emerge, testing friendships, mortality and superstitions.

Performance times vary between Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings,
with shows commencing at 7:30 pm (Friday and Sunday) and 6:30 pm (Sundays).

Tickets are valued at $25.00-$35.00 




  1. Georgia Waters /

    I would want to have an unlimated supply of mangos, lemon lime and bitters and my closest friends #LordOfTheFlies

  2. DIANA /

    I would like to have a fire starter, a pot, and a piece of tarp.

  3. Kurtis /

    1. Hair gel because you may be staranded but that doesn’t mean your hair has to look bad.
    2. A water filter because hydration is key.
    3. The Lord of the flies book so you have something to read while waiting to be rescued.

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